04- De Wijk, Drenthe, 1995.

Report from Jaap van Etten.

We couldn't take precise measerements, because the formation was reported when the field was harvested. All measurements are approxamatly.

The pictogram existing of a circle and a outer ring. Circle and ring are connected with path's. The path's are pointing to the four wind directions.

In the pictogram there were magnetic deviations.

In the centre of the pictogram was a crossing of ley lines. There are a lot of crop circles found on these crossings.

This pictogram is claimed by some boy's, their describtion of how they made the pictogram isn't something what these boy's could do.

When I visited this formation, I felt a little presure on my head and I felt myself unpleasant. The same happened to the person who was visiting this formation with me. I do not have an explantaion for this.

  • 01- Diameter x width ring: 7.25/7.35 x 0.70 metre.
  • 02- Diameter inner circle: 4.00 metre.
  • --- The space between the ring and the inner circle is 1.00 meter.

Measurements: Jaap van Etten.