08- Kilder, Gelderland, 26-07-1999.

Report from Robert Boerman.

On july, 26, I received a phonecall of a crop circle near Zeddam. Just before I arrived at Zeddam, I saw something in the corner of my eye. Another formation?

After I did some measurements I left the formation to go home, but before that I take a look at the 'something' I saw in the corner of my eye. It was near Kilder and it was another formation. The strange thing was that the measurements of these formation were exactly the same as the ones in the formation in Zeddam. After a better look I saw some holes in the ground at the outside of the circles and paths. It looked as the one who made this formation used this one as a 'testing circle' for the formation of Zeddam.

I think that this formation was about 3 weeks old and that after those 3 weeks nobody reported this formation, so they made another formation, the one near Zeddam. This one was good to see from the road, the one of Kilder almost not.

  • 01- Half ring: 10 x 1 metre.
  • 02- Paths, lenght x width: 5 x 1 metre.
  • 03- Diameter circle 3: 5 metre.
  • 04- Path, lenght x width: 6 x 1 metre.
  • 05- Diameter ring 5: 11 metre, width: 1 metre.
  • 06- Diameter inner circle: 7 metre.
  • 07- Path, lenght x width: 5 x 1 metre.
  • 08- Diameter cirlce 8: 2 metre.
  • 09- Path, lenght x width: 2 x 1 metre.
  • 10- Diameter circle: 2 metre.