11- Ridderkerk, Zuid-Holland, 08-08-2001.

The next day, Peter Moerkerken called me with an amazing story:

'Earlier this week, TV Rijnmond (a local TV station) showed something aboaut the Ridderkerk formation. At the night of 13-08-2001 I received a phonecall of an 70 year old woman from Zwijndrecht - which is close to Ridderkerk. She told me such an amazing story that I deceided to go and visit her.

After we talked about the weather, she told me what happened the night of august 9/10. The old woman was awake that night at 1.30 am - the night after the formation was discovered. When she looked out of her bedroom window, she saw an red/pink oval-shape 'disk', flying with an enormous speed. In all her live she did not see something what could fly that fast. The 'disk' was flying from north-west to south-east. Then the 'disk' floated in the direction of Ridderkerk where it seems to be hanging in the air. After some time, a second 'disk' arrived to the first one and it seems if the second one floated half above the first one, and just after that the two dissapears which an enormous speed. The disks floated at an angle of about 45 or 50 degrees above the horizon.

The woman thought the disks had a diameter of approx. 0.50 meter, but she could see it very good because of the distance. After this happened she saw another 2 disks with the same speed, but these two disks didn't stop.'

Ridderkerk, 08-08-2001 - Copyright  Peter Moerkerken Ridderkerk, 08-08-2001 - Copyright  Peter Moerkerken
Ridderkerk, 08-08-2001 - Copyright  Robert Boerman Ridderkerk, 08-08-2001 - Copyright  Robert Boerman

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Images Copyright Peter Moerkerken en Robert Boerman 2001.

Copyright  Robert Boerman

Cristal skulls in the Ridderkerk formation.

Copyright  PTAH 2001

  • 01- Diameter circle 1: 2.00 metre.
  • 02- Diameter circle 2: 6.90/7.00 metre.
  • 03- Diameter circle 3: 1.70 metre.
  • 04- Lengh x width path 4: 8.70 x 0.80 metre.
  • 05- Diameter circle 5: 1.60/1.80 metre.
  • 06- Diameter circle 6: 6.60/7.00 metre.
  • 07- Diameter circle 7: 1.70 metre.