06- Zevenhuizen, Zuid Holand, 20-07-2005

At 16-07-2005, Rene van Bruggen discovered this formation while he was biking at reported it to the PTAH Foundation. Roeland Beljon and Nancy Polet went to Zevenhuizen for some research. This is what they found out:

Date research: 20-07-2005, between 8.00 and 10.00 pm.
Location: Zevenhuizen, Zuid Holland

This formation is close to the railroad Zevenhuizen. From the road we could see a path though the standing grain which means that there were some visitors before we entered the field.

Ren van Bruggen's drawing of the formation was almost correct. He forgot the mention the small circle at outside of the formation in which the grain was standing up partly.

The formation itself was not very impressing. Nancy felt a kind of energy and when she laid down for some minutes, she fhad a light feeling in her head. At approx. 9.30 pm I captured a 'light' with my camera (see last photo).

The ring has a diameter of 25 meter and is 1.70 meters width. The paths in the formation vary in width from 1.60 to 1.90. The long path is 18.70 meter long and the other 12.90 meter long.

The extra circle was found on a distance of 7.30 meter from the formation and was 0.60 meter in diameter.

Roeland Beljon