05- Bosschenhoofd (3), Noord Brabant, 28-06-2007

In the name of the owner of the field:
It is not allowed to enter the field!

Report from Peter Vanlaerhoven

This afternoon (28-06-2007) I received anohter phonecall from Robbert van der Broeke. He told me that he visited the field together with his mother and a friend who witnessed the event. At a certain moment, Robbert saw a bal of light with the size of a tennis ball which was hovering in his direction. The bal of light was turning around/above his head and increased speed till is had the shape of a disk. Then the light disapeared at apporx. 60 meters in the field.

Of course Robbert and his friend went to the place where the ball of light had entered the field. When they arived, they saw a brand new circle was formed. In the center of this new circle they saw a little piece of twhite powder. Years ago, when a ball of light smashed against Robbert's house, the same substance was found.

This morning they went back to the field and they saw to their astonishment that there was also some white powder in the first formation of Bosschenhoofd. Robbert father took a lot of the white stuff home for more research.

Later on, I researched the new circle. The lay was anti clockwise and the circle has an egg like shape which pointed to the south. A leyline is crossing the circle. I also measured high energy inside this circle. When we find ou more about the white powder, we will report it at this website.