1- Etten-Leur (1), Noord Brabant, 26-06-2010

By announcement of Robbert van den Broeke has the first Dutch cropcircle appeared. This formation is discovered in the night of 25/26the of June at 1:00 AM. He had earlier the feeling that something should appear in this field and now it did. This formation has 11 circles and 11 rings. The biggest measuring some 18 feet and with a total length of 210 feet. (see draw of Roy Boschman, wherefor many thanks). Saturday noon I did some investigation together with my daughter and Robin. First we did was to ask the farmer for permission to enter the field. This farmer had no idea how this could had appeared, the only thing he saw that night was the car of Ellen ande Robbert.

Some pictures were took by Roy Boschman without entering the formation. During my investigation there were no footprints or something else seen what could point to handwork. What I did felt were some energies which I had felt in other cropcircles in earlier years.

The crop in all circles and rings were bend anti-clockwise. The diameter of these were varying about 3 feet to 18 feet. Some were completely round, some were egg-shaped. This formation lays exactly between the 2 tramrails. If there were some leylines is not yet investigated, maybe later.

The farmer did tell me he wants to co-operate with Sjaak Damen, member of the DCCA, for further investigation of the crop in the lab and in the field. Nobody is allowed to enter the field and we have to respect this in name of the research.

Yesterday, Sunday the 27th, we went back to this field together with some DCCA-members and Robbert with some friends. The most persons felt a difference of temperature in the field and also some other energetic experiences were mentioned. Of course we took some pictures and at the camera of Roy there appeared again some UFO's. These pictures were taken by Robbert.

Before this formation was spotted there were some people in the wider area who saw some unexplainable air-activities.

Peter Vanlaerhoven