3- Zevenbergen (1), Noord Brabant, 21-07-2010

The third dutch cropcircle has been found in Zevenbergen, again in the southwest part of Holland. Robbert van den Broeke discovered this formation. He had a strong feeling that he had to drive to this field. Together with a friend, the both saw a light hanging above the formation.

The DCCA-research team did ask the owner of the field for permission to do our research. This is okay, but he does not allow other people on his field. It is an egg-shaped ring with 23 circles laying just around it. A small distance further away there are laying another 3 circles.

The whole formation measures about 30 meters (about 100 feet). The crop lays anticlockwise. There are no any clues that this formation is manmade. We did found some elongated nodes. The crop lays very flat, it seems of a strong force did put the grass against the ground.

We have made some nice pictures, as you can see here below.

Peter Vanlaerhoven