Sometimes there is more in a cropcircleformation then only some bend stalks. It can happen that a attentive cropcircle researcher finds a ‘white powder’ in the formation that he/she is looking at. A similar powder has sometimes been found at places where an UFO has landed. But what is it, and why is it laying there, and what can be done with it?

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The question of what it is, is answered by the BLT team from Dr. Levengood in the USA. From 1996 till now, each year a cropcircle appears in my neighbourhood. In 1998 it was a pictogram in maize. In the formation from 1996 near Zutphen, a white powder has been found that was send to Dr. Levengood. The report shows that it is silicium. It was very pure, and if man decided to make it, it would cost millions of dollars. It was also made clear by the BLT team that the white powder results from friction temperature of 3000 degrees Celsius. The same goes on for the ‘sticky white stuff’ I found in the formation near Brummen in 1997.

It almost can’t be produced on earth, and if it was, the cost would be forbidding. The report from Levengood shows that this substance is silicon, a hydro-carbon compound. The strange thing is that it wasn’t a little bit that we found, but almost a ‘shipload’ of ‘sticky white stuff’. In the middle of six from the seven circles was enough of this material, only not in the seventh circle, because there wasn’t a centre. It was a ‘half’ circle.

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We’ve got an answer to the question; ‘What is it’, but why does it appear in crop circles? It isn’t easy to explain, but every little bit can help to answer the question; ‘Why is it laying in some cropcircleformations’? A few months ago, I met a good friend of mine. After a while the conversation came on crop circles, and the white powder. I knew that he has a intuitive power (psychic), and I asked him to take some of the white stuff I found. Maybe he could tell me more about it. He told me that it wasn’t intended to been found, and the sticky white stuff was the result of a ‘burning’ by some ‘ray or beam’ of ‘something alive’. This was the only thing he could say in ‘earthly words’, there was no further explanation how it shows up there. The ‘burning’ of ‘something alive’ could mean that a sort of ‘ray or beam’ was responsible for ‘making’ the formation, and the living thing could be the grain. We don’t have an explanation why its found in crop circles, and for what purpose. Or do we know?

A possible explanation of the question why it is laying in crop circles, can be found in the answer what we can use the white powder for.

A few months ago I met someone who can get information from a person by muscle tests. When she’s doing a muscle test, she can tell what fails the person. She is also a very good psychic. I met her by ‘accident’, and asked her if she was able to test the white material that I had found. She answered me that it was possible, and then she told me that the white stuff increases the vibration of a person. With the white stuff, you get a better contact on the earth, and the ‘link’ with ‘above’. The first moment I thought; ‘???’, but then she explained to me the whole story. She told me that she wants to test the white stuff on me to see what value I got at that moment, and I agreed. The value of a person is measured by the scale of Bovis. The value of a person that feels good is a value between 6500 and 8000 Bovis, that is named after the discoverer André Bovis.

My value at that moment was 6500, but a few seconds later, when she tested the material on me, the value raised up to 8000. After a little talk, I asked her to test again. The value had risen to 10.000 Bovis ! She asked me what I did, and I said that I had a ‘aura protector’ that I put away, and that’s why the value rose to 10,000. We both were amazed.

After a few months I visited her again, and she tested me again with the white stuff. The value raised again, and this time up to 18,000 ! Amazing. According to the Bovis scale, I felt three times better than a ‘normal’ person. She also told me that, when I feel a bit dizzy, I have to put the stuff away, because then it’s ‘working’ too hard. Your body and mind can’t handle it, so you have to put it away for a while. But where and when shall it be used? I got a little idea where it could be used for. We found out that it can be used at a dimensional change, and that you have the ability to see what’s happening at that change. It can be used as a sort of ‘protection’ during the dimensional change. It makes that you have a better contact with the earth and ‘heaven’. And as always, time will tell.

Copyright © Robert Boerman 1999.