29- Brummen, Gelderland, 05-08-1997.

At august the 5th, I made a little flight with my wife and child. When the pilot started the airplaine, I asked him if he ever saw some crop circles. He said no and thought that crop circles were nonsens.

After 10 minutes of flying, we saw a crop circle, just one mile from my house. It was, what later on seems, together with the formations of Emmen, Melick en Tholen, one of the most beautifull formations of 1997.

When we landed I jumped in my car and went to the place were we saw the formation. In 1 of the 7 circles and rings, we found some 'sticky white stuff' what we send to the BLT-team of Dr Levengood. After some research of the BLT-team they reported that is was a very pure combination of carbon, oxygen and silicon.

According to a member of the antiquarian society 'De Marke' in Brummen, there were some prehistoric burial mounds at the same place as were we found the pictogram. In the early 1920 they needed the sand for some road constructions. The formation was exactly on a leyline.