01, 02, 03- 3 formations near Hoeven, Noord Brabant, 12-02-1998.

Five circles in grass, with diameters of 4 m, 30 cm, 1.5 m, 3.25 meter and 1.5 m. The trail at the largest circle had a width of 30 cm diameter. Total length of the formation: 36 m. Located close (50 m) to electric power lines.

04- Hoeven, Noord brabant, 27-04-1998.

A single circle, about 7 m diameter, in grass. A long trail led out of the circle, towards the edge of the field. It did not look at all like the trail from my own footsteps, because 1. inside the the trail the grass seemed dehydrated at the top, while 2. the trail looked somewhat like a ‘gutter’ with its bottom at least six inches above ground level.

Source: DCCCS.

05- Rossum 1, Overijsel, 25-05-1998.

A trail of cut-off (not bent) young corn plants, with a total length of almost 90 meters.

Source: DCCCS.

06- Rossem 2, Overijsel, 28-05-1998.
07- Hoeven, Noord Brabant, Juni 1998.

08- Brummen, Gelderland, 06-08-1998.

09- Slenaken, Limburg, 17-06-1998.

10- Hipolitushoef, Noord Holland, 17-06-1998.

A simple pictogram in wheat, total length 14m. The formation was fairly old when visited on June 18th.

Source: DCCCS.

11- Moerdijk, Noord Brabant, Juni 1998.

Along the A16 from Rotterdam to Roosendaal. The formation was said to consist of a 10 metre circle with some figures at the side, but was most probably just wind damage. At least a week old when reported.

Source: DCCCS.

12- Oeffelt, Noord Brabant, 11-07-1998.
13- Nijmegen, Gelderland, 1998.
14- Oud-Beijerland, Zuid Holland, 12-08-1998.

An interesting quatruplet in wheat, consisting of a large central circle (15.50 m), surrounded by a single circle (7.90 m), single ring (10.60 - 7.20 m) and a ringed circle (9.20 - 6.30 - 3.60 m). No obvious traces, except one little path made by the farmer's son.

Source: DCCCS.

15- Hipolitushoef, Noord holland, 08-1998.

16- Oudenbosch, Noord Brabant, 03-10-1998.

17- Markelo, Overijsel, Augustus 1998.

18 Anreep, Drenthe, September, 1998.
19 Epse, Gelderland, 1998.