07- Lelystad, Flevoland, 30-07-2001.

Report from Herman Hegge, Robert Boerman and Jan Willem Bobbink.

Lelystad. A huge crop circle with a diameter of approx. 135 meter! After Herman received the report from a Dutch newspaper, we went to Lelystad to do some research.

On the photo it seems a very interesting formation, because the formation stopped before the nearby field. Once in the formation, it costs us about 10 minutes to find out that the was a hoax. At a lot of places we found holes in the ground. The whole formation was a mess. We found a lot of foot prints and to us it looks if the hoaxers did a little walking tour inside the formation.

Pleun Piek, the owner of the field, could tell us that his neighbour saw a white Nissan Van near the field at friday night at 10 pm. She saw some people comming out the van and then the van drove away. 'If she called me at that moment, I think I have treat them to a shot of hail', thus Piek. The formation was discovered at saturday morning by some people from the nearby airport.

First Piek was curious if the formation was man-made or not, but after we told him that it was a hoax, he became a little angry. 'What would they say if I go and tramp all their flowers in their garden'? 'If they just ask me for permission to make a crop circle in my land and they pay me for the damage, then it wouldn't be any problem, but this is vandalism', thus Piek. 'I hope that this was their last joke ever...'

The damage of this bad hoax costs Piek about 1500 to 2000 Dutch Guilder. Costs that nobody would pay him...

Lelystad, 30-07-2001 - Copyright  Robert Boerman

Lelystad, 30-07-2001 - Copyright  Robert Boerman

What a great hoaxers...

Lelystad, 30-07-2001 - Copyright  Robert Boerman