08- Groesbeek, Gelderland, 23-05-2002

Report from bert Janssen and Robert Boerman

This formation was discovered and reported by Ron Moes at 23-06-2002. This formation is approx. 1 or 2 days old. But there is a little problem with this formation. After we talkedto the farmer, he told us that the formation was at German territory, but so close to the Dutch border that we deceided to report it on the Dutch Crop Circle Archive. We will share this information with our German researchers.

During our research the owner of the field joined us and told us that there was also a formation in the same field in 1998. First he thought we that were making a crop circle in his field, but after we explained what we did, there were no problems at all and we could continue our research.

We found out that there were no traces of mechanical presure, or anomalies like blown nodes. A strange thing was that the geometry of the formation was bad. On the aerial photo one can see very clear that one of the half circles is not finished as it should be. The half circle at the right of the formation - where the tram line is - was not a circle at all.


The latest news concerning this formation comes from the German television, the WDR. The WDR phoned us this evening, because they recorded a very high sound during the footage they shot while we were doing research in the formation. The sound was recorded in the circle and not outside the circle. The WDR promissed us that they would send a copy of the sound to the PTAH Foundation. If there is more news about this strange sound, it will be added to this web site.

To be continued:

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