14- Groote Keeten, Noord Holland, 24-07-2002

Rapport van Robert Boerman

At sunday july 21, we received an report of a crop circle in wheat nera Groote Keeten, Noord Holland. It was the owner of the field hinslef who reported this crop circle.

At wednesday july 24, we (Jan Willem Bobbink and myself) went to Groote Keeten for some research. A man who lived next to the field could tell us that these circles were formed in the night of july 19/20.

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The two circles looked good and when we investigated the small circle we saw something weird. Jan Willem found a lot of cut-off stalks and it seems if these cut-off stalks formed the circumference of the small circle. We also found a lot of stalks which have abnormal twisting and bending of the wheat heads. Normally the sead heads are approx. 25 to 30 cm. above the first node, but these sead heads rested on the first node. This anomaly was first discovered in the Whitefish, Montana (USA) formation of 1999. In 2000, journalist Linda Moulton Howe found some of the same anomalies in a Avebury, Whiltshire (UK) formation. Outside these anomalies we also found a lot blown nodes.

UPDATE 02-08-2002:

We received a message from Paul Anderson in which he told us that the same anomalies which we have found in Groote Keeten, were also found in Moosomin, Saskatchewan 2000.

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Copyright Robert Boerman