11- Ubachsberg (1), Limburg, 08-07-2002

Report from Robert Boerman

ATTENTION: It is not allowed to enter the field without permission of the owner.

This formation was reported by Jorrit de Jong which was seen while he was driving on the nearby highway.

At 10-07-2002 the PTAH Foundation drove to the south of the Netherlands to do some research. The wheather was bad, very bad but nevertheless we found some remarkable things.

Once we arived ath the field, we saw some places in the standing wheat outside the formation without plants. These plants were cut-off completely and lied on the ground (see smaller images). It seems that a lot of cut-off stalks were burned.

We also found some cut-off stalks inside the formation and a lot of lenghten nodes. A interesting detail is that - according the owner of the field - a farmer has seen the field at wednesday evening 03-07-2002 at 10 pm, but told the owner that there was no formation that time. One hour later at 23 pm, the formation was in the field... This formation was formed within one hour.

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Copyright Frank Laumen

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