04- Krimpen a/d IJssel, Zuid Holland, 28-06-2003

Report from Romaine Kunst

A crop cirlce in reed was reported at 28-06-2003. It was a Keltic cross with two extra circles. This formation in reed was not easy to find and was also not good visible. The formation was close to the river 'Lek' which has a lot of reed near the river. The reed stood partly in the water and was almost 2 meters high.

We walked through a very bad visible path to the formation. We could not see the formation unless we were at a distance of 0,5 metre.

We saw two circles but could not go any further, because it the subsoil was to wet. The circles were round with a diameter of approx. 2 - 3 metres. The reed on the ground was dried out. The lay of the reed was anti clockwise.

Unfortunately, it was not possible to take photo's of the circles.