06- Oss, Noord Brabant, 10-07-2003

Report from Robert Boerman

After we received the report of a crop circle near Oss, we went to Oss for some research and that research gave us some interesting facts:

At wednesday night at approx. 9.30 pm, a person was walking close to the field but there was no circle. The same night, an eye-witness told us that while he was driving on highway A50 at approx 11.30 pm, he saw a cylinder of clouds at approx. 300 feet above the field (see image).

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He was not sure if the cylinder was right above the field were the crop circle was discovered, but it was in the same area. He also told us that he heard a dog barking all night. The next day the crop circle was discovered in a field of wheat. We also measured a lot of ley lines (see next page).

The next day, the eye-witness called us and said that he drove on the A50 the night before (12-07-2003) and that he saw soms trails made by some airplanes. He thought that he saw the night before the crop circle was discovered, the same: a trail from a plane. It depends from which angle you look, he told us, and that is is possible that he saw a trail of a plane instead of a cylinder of clouds...

We have no idea what he saw exactly, but we know that a similar thing happened in England 2 (?) years ago. A cylinder of clouds came down above a field...

UPDATE 21-07-2003:

At 14-07-2003, The PTAH Foundation receive a phone call from Eric van Houtum. He told us about the cylinder of clouds which he has seen before the Oss formation was reported. Inderneith Eric's report:

On july 9, I also saw the cylinder of clouds. At approx. 11.00 pm, I was driving from Nistelrode to the A50 and just before I reach the A50, I saw the cylinder at my left hand side. First I thougth it was a plane in trouble because the trail looks wider than a normal contrail. I estimate that the lenght of the cylinder of clouds was approx. 500 meters above the ground, but it could be higher because I had no point of reference.

Once at highway A50, I could see the cylinder of clouds very good. I could see very clear that the sides were straight and pointing up or down. I could see the cylinder till I took the exit Ravenstein. After that it was to dark to have a good look.

From Oss to Ravenstein, highway A50 makes a little curve, so if the cylinder was a horizontal line because of an optical effect, I had to see something else. That was not the case: the cylinder was standing vertical in the air. The distance of the cylinder to the ground did not change.

When I saw the cylinder of clouds, I also could see two planes with contrails near the cylinder, but these contrails were not as wide as the cylinder and the sides were almost the same. I also could see that the contrails were horizontal and the cylinder was not.

Eric van Houtum

UPDATE 21-07-203:

At wednesday july 16, the PTAH Foundation received another phonecall from John Hali who has seen a gigantic UFO above the field were the Oss formation was discovered:

After a hot day, I was sitting in my garden looking at the sky. I was around 9.30 pm. I saw some swallows and bats flying which were hunting for some insects.

At that time of the day, the sun is shining at the top layer of the clouds and the trails of high flying planes are good visible. Suddenly I saw a ‘round’ plane in between the fleecy clouds. I saw that this was a UFO and told my wife and son. Because of the large tree which is standing behind our house, I had to stand up before I could see more of the UFO. Unfortunately, it was not possible to track the UFO because the clouds were too thick to see through.

What did I see? I saw two concentric circles which flew with a great speed. Their speed was considerably higher than an average airplane at that altitude. I estimate the distance at approx. 1200 – 1500 metres (4000 – 5000 ft), but maybe I am wrong. Sometimes fleecy clouds move at a height at 2 to 3 kilometres (6000 – 10.000 ft). The circles were dark but there were no lights on them, as there usually are on UFO drawings. The colour in-between the circles was almost the same as the atmosphere around the circles: a mixture of light grey clouds with a grey/blue background. I estimate the largest circle was almost as large as a Boeing 747. I did not see any contrails or exhaust gases. For me it was the first time that I have seen a UFO. I did not want to believe in UFO’s before.

The next day I saw in a local newspaper an image of a crop circle which was found near Oss. I think there could be a connection between the UFO I saw in the direction of the field were the crop circle was found.

John Hali.

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