01- Hoeven, Noord Brabant, 06-04-2005

Report from Robert Boerman

The Crop Circle Season 2005 is started! The first (European?) crop circle of 2005 was reported near Hoeven, the home of Robbert van der Broeke. In an interview with a local radiostation, Robbert told about the new circles which he had discovered in grass. He found two circles: the largest circle has a diameter of approx. 8 meters and the smaller circle a diameter of approx. 2 meters.

This evening, Peter van Learhoven was in Hoeven do some research and measurements for the PTAH Foundation. Peter gave his report from inside the circles by phone and told about the location of the circles and that these circles are the real phenomenon. Peter felt a high energy in the two circles and had much problems taking photo's with his (analoge) camera, problems which he did not had before. Nevertheless, he took some photo's which we hope to receive this weekend. If we receve new information of photo's, we will report this via our mailinglist

Update 07-04-2005: Photo's added.