01- Hoeven, Noord Brabant, 06-04-2005

Update 12-04-2005:

Report from Robert Boerman

At the ley of the grass we could see that these circles had a lot of visitors before we did some research. Rob Trouw measured an enery which turned in the oposite way as the lay of the gras was. The lay in the large circle was clockwise but the enery turned to the left. There was only one width leyline measured which runs between the large circle and the ditch which lay bext to the field.

Nettie Trouw noticed that she become warm when she was stading in the center of the large circle. Some minutes later a couple of guys visited the circles and one of the - not aware of Nettie's experience - told us that his feet become warm when he was standing at the same place Nettie was standing earlier. This person was NOT aware of nettie's experience.

Futhermore we can tell that Rob Trouw measured an extreme high Bovis value in both circles and that some jokers made two extra circles and a path which looks if the wanted to make a large penis (second photo).

  • Diameter circle 1: 9.60/10.10 meter
  • Diameter circle 2: 1.70/2.10 meter

  • Crop: gras
  • Lay: circle 1 - right, circle 2 - left
  • Leylines: yes