01- Schiphol, Noord Holland, 16-05-2008

First dutch cropformation of this years season.

At Friday, may 16th, I recieved a message that spoke about a cropformation near Schiphol airport. It contained the following news item with video: www.flabber.nl.

At Sunday friends and me went searching for it. When we finally found it we where pleased by the authentic impression that only grew at further investigation. The formation contains three same sized circles in perfect triangular proportion. Each circle measures nearly 50 meters, I don't know how much feet that is. Shortest space between two circles is a little more than 10 meters. The circles looked very massy, things where done in a very forcefull way in which burning heat was involved. We saw little piles of burned stalks everywhere in combination with stalks that where thrown out of the ground. There were concentric rings made of earth and also less easy to notice squarelike figures at the centre(s).

One of my friends Marije, who I consider to be a medium, spoke of three differend energies. The first circle we entered represented the female Yin energy. It was connected (also by tramlines) with the second circle that gave the male Yang energy. The third circle could not be reached directly from the first two circles. It can be understood as the new energy that appears as the result of the healingproces done by the interaction between the Yin and Yang. The formation is connected to the center of the earth. The forcefull burning methode was necessary to open up channels within the earth that are blokked by differend kind of human activities. In answer to my question when the formation was made, Marije answered at nighttime between last Monday (12) and Tuesday (13), which got later on confirmed by the farmers doughter.