On the 5th of august 1997, I was the very fortunate finder of the crop circle formation in Brummen (the Netherlands). From the air it offered a beautifull picture and its entirety on the ground remained a most impressionable sight. A few days later, the picture of this phenomenon appeared in the local newspaper. I received a phone call from a man who said he had a lot more information regarding the crop circles.

Full of curiosity I went to see him and we spoke for quite a while. He told me that the three connecting circles were either a sign or a seal of an Angel. Apparently there are eight of them. But who are those eight Angels, and in particular I wanted to know what they represent.

After I received a few key words from him and some tips regarding as to where I should continue to look for more information I left. Unfortunately he could not share all his knowledge with me due to some 'secret teachings'. On my way home he wished me well and proceeded to tell me that I would figure it out and that I was on the right path. I was very surprised by this comment at this point. We said good-bye and parted.

After a long time of thoughtful consideration I started on my quest. But where do you start? The library seemed the most logical place to me. After looking through a range of books I arrived at the following conclusions.

Signs are seals and vice versa. At a certain moment during my readings I arrived at King Solomon. The most well known seal is the Star of David. According to the Jewish Historical Museum in Amsterdam it is a 'Hexagon amulet invoking God in the name of the seal of Solomon'.

According to a Rosicrusian, King Solomon amongst these many seals. There were also the Seals of the Angels. According to my informant there are 8 Seals of Angels that were available to King Solomon. The Sefer Yetzirah (The Book of Creation), the oldest and most secret writings of the kaballistic text talks about the 'Seals of the Planets' and about the 'Seals of the Planetary Angels', of these Planetary Angels these are seven who in turn correspond with the above mentioned Seven Planets. There is a kaballistic amulet whose origin has not been able to be traced on which the same signs have been produced as on the Seals of the Angels in the Sefer Yetzirah, but do you think the Seven Angel Seals and the Star of David of King Solomon (the main seal) all belong to Solomon? In other words are they not one and the same? In all of history many different nations have given different names to the same things The same thing happened with the names of gods in Egypt. Thoth was the writer of the gods and keeper of knowledge but with the Greeks it was Hermes, and history shows that Hermes was the hero of the Rosicrusians, which takes us right back to the collected works of old learning of the Rosicrusians.

Of course there are more Angels than these seven, but these are the seven of whom there are portrayals, something you can actually see even in a field of grain. Then, if over all the years, various formations have appeared, such as the formation of Landgraaf in 1996, and various similar formations in the early '80's in England then I cannot deny these impressions that show various signs and Seals of Angels that have been found as formation is grain. Quite often they have been created in the same manner - 2 or more circles, stripes or half moons connected with a straight line.

If indeed there are crop circle formations that show the Seal of an Angel there should be someway to trace the name of the Angel concerned. Hebrew is the language of the gods who passed on the stone tables to Moses. In the Hebrew language the origin of word can be traced back to on letter. Therefore an Angel could represent one letter, which coincides with a note or a tone. A note or a tone is sound, (NOT music but just sound) and sound is vibration. Everything revolves around vibration. In this respect (as yet a theory) if one knows the exact vibrations of everything and anything, you could change a wooden table into a steel table and vica versa. If in turn a cropcircleformation gives off vibrations to heel the earth then it should be possible to trace leylines from the circles to be able to discover where the energy flows and be able to manipulate it to utmost efficiency through sound (in other words tones and vibrations).

In the ancient times many different signs and seals were used for healing purposes or for calling on or chasing away spirits and/or demons. It would be very interesting if a farmer would give permission to have the formation of Brummen (1997) reproduced in his field to see if the identical warm and loving energy that was felt in that formation could be recreated there. My question is; 'If you were to reproduce the 'wrong' seal, would you then conjure up the wrong 'things'?

To elaborate further on the Seven Seals l just wish to briefly bring up the Seven Seals of Atlantis. Once again we are talking about Seven Seals. The Bible also talks about Seven Seals in Revelations 5:1-5, the scroll is sealed with seven seals. We also have seven days. Seven is a holy number. As far as I'm concerned these seven keep reoccurring to often. There also are Seven Seals of Atlantis. Maybe are the Seven Seals the period that Atlantis is submerged in the sea. Edgar Cayce predicted that Atlantis would re-surface, only the question is when and will it literally rise above the water or will only the knowledge and reminder of who we are and from whom we have evolved resurface? Most importantly it might show us where we are going in this time of great change.

The Seven Seals could be associated with the constellations that we have had since the downfall of Atlantis. If you look back at the constellations you have Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer and Leo. The old Sumerians counted 2160 years of during for 1 of these zodiac sign, while the Egyptians counted 2150 years for them. If you multiply that by 6 you arrive at approximately 13,000 years ago, 11,000 B.C. Around that time was when the last of Atlantis perished. This is also the period that the constellation Leo was introduced (approx. 10,970 / 8,810 B.C.)

We are now in the period of the seventh zodiac sign (constellation = seal) Aquarius. Does that mean that during this age of Aquarius that Atlantis will resurface? I don't know, but with all the recent discoveries in Egypt and all the other business that seem to be surfacing it could very well be possible that this is the case. According to various people concerned with these study's it has been stated that underneath the large Pyramid in Gizeh a twelve story building has been found. A sarcophagi has been found there with the body of a man who was wrapped in a long pink and white robe. A cartouche on his chest mentions the name Osiris. He is in a state of changed consciousness seemingly in a state of suspended animation, but definitely not dead. I believe that it won't be long and the Emerald Tablets which contain all the wisdom of Thoth will be found. These 12 tablets have placed on record all knowledge for preservation after the fall of Atlantis. Thoth placed these tablets in the Great Halls of Amenti (under the ground close to the Sphinx). Immediately after that he (!) built the Pyramids (approx. 14,000 B.C.) and then he departed to the upper levels of the Fourth Dimension.

According to old Arabic myths the pyramids were built to preserve all knowledge that had been learned thus far. The story says that the gods instruct the people in many areas such as; agriculture, astronomy, geometry, etc. A flood was predicted to come and the people preserved therefore the construction of the Pyramids where the knowledge of the gods has been preserved. Has the previously mentioned god that a hand in this phenomenon. What did he know that we still don't know today?

Are the cropcircleformations with all their variants and figures a language which we do not yet understand? Is it at the tip of your tongue, something which we just can't guide grasp or remember yet? Are these crop symbols messages from other dimensions? Are there truly Angels or 'gods' at work here leaving their 'Seals' or prints behind in the shapes of cropcircleformation?

Will everything fall into place after the many needed changes or will we mess up again, like we have in the past? Will history repeat itself?

Time will tell.

Robert Boerman 1998.

Translated by Marijke Bouma.