Anomaly of disease?

The last few years, we found some grow anomalies in Dutch crop circles which were found earlier in America, Canada and England. A lot of people and the BLT-Research Team think that these anomalies were caused by a energy which was 'pressed' in the field in a early stage of the seasson. This energy would affect the plant and the result would be a grow anomaly later in the season. This is the most common theory but I think it is something else...

Dronten, Flevoland, 11-07-2003

Dutch crop circle research from the PTAH Foundation shows us that there were found a lot of these 'anomalies' in the last few years. I did not have any idea what causes these 'anomalies' and therefore we thought the 'energy' theorie was right, till now.

This year we found a lot of these 'grow anomalies' in the Dronten formation of 11-07-2003, but no only in the circle but also in the standing crop outside the cirle. I did not report this on my website because first I want to be sure what the real cause of these anomalies was.

After the 2003 season I met a farmer who knows a lot of grain. He thinks that the cause of these 'grow anomalies' is a disease. He explained me a lot of things but if I want to know more, I have to contact another person who has worked at the Agricultural University of Wageningen. It was not possible to contact this person, but I am working on it. The farmer also told me that the reason he thinks it is a disease is because the top leaf of the plant did not open and therefore the sead head can not grow as normal. That is why the plant grow is abnomal.

I am a very curious person and at the end of july I asked a nearby farmer for permission the enter his field. There was no crop circle in this field. I entered the field and was amazed to see some 'grow anomalies' in the standing crop.

Zutphen, Gelderland, 2003

In may this year, I sowed some biological grain in my garden. Just to see how grain developes itself during the season. Last week I discovered some 'grow anomalies' in my own 'field' of grain...

'Grow anomalies' in my own garden

I am working on the final result of the grow anomalies but I think it is possible to conlcude that these 'anomalies' has nothing to do with the real crop circle phenomenon, but as I said: I am still working on the final result.

To be continued:

Robert Boerman 2003