The Divine Message in Crop Circles

In the book Crop Circles, Gods and their Secrets, (1) a Dutch researcher, Robert J. Boerman, talks of his revelation from two crop circles that appeared in Wiltshire in England. The first is the mysterious inscription that appeared at Milk Hill in August 1991, and the second is the Double Helix formation at East Field in August 1996. The essential message that Boerman derives from these two crop circles is that the creator of the Universe is in the DNA.

In August 1991 at Milk Hill a message was laid in the field 'TALK TO US.' That same month a formation appeared that seemed to be an inscription of some kind. British archaeologist, Michael Green, identified the writing as ancient Hebrew, and interpreted the message as the names of the Egyptian god of Creation (Phehthi or Ptah) and the Sumerian god of Wisdom (Ea-cheche or Ea-Enki). Evidently both Green and Boerman ignored the fact that at both ends of this inscription there appears a circle, so the full message would appear to be that the Egyptian god of Creation and the Sumerian god of Wisdom create crop circles.

Boerman, himself, was not satisfied with this message. He felt that it should contain some more information. Consequently, when he translated the mirror image of this inscription he found that it said 'A NEW BREED OF PEOPLE.' Boerman explains that Enki is the Mesopotamian name and Ptah is the Egyptian name for the same god. In religious tradition Enki/Ptah had sons that were likewise called by different names in Egypt and Sumeria. The eldest son was Ra in Egypt and Marduk in Sumeria. Another son was Thoth in Egypt and Ningisjzidda in Sumeria. In the Enki/Ptah - Thoth/Ningisjzidda tradition there is to be found the symbol of two intertwined snakes that are said to represent the double helix of the DNA. This is the symbol of the 'Lord of the artefact of Life.'

So Boerman saw the actual Double Helix spiral that appeared in the fields in the same region of Wiltshire some five years later as a confirmation of the earlier message. See Figure 1. He then proceeds to come up with an elaborate theory that aliens visited planet Earth in or around 270,183BC and created a new species here, the Homo Sapiens, by means of genetic manipulation. This is the new breed of people that is the meaning of the mirror image of the Milk Hill inscription.

Boerman actually resorts to some remarkably convoluted reasoning (included in his calculations are the last four digits of his personal phone number and the birth date of the current Kind of Thailand) in order to arrive at his conclusion. In addition he attempts to interpret the ancient Hebrew language inscription at Milk Hill by means of a 'protolanguage' that one of his friends had invented. He describes this technique as a 'self-thought system' which is the protolanguage of all languages. By means of this protolanguage Boerman manages to derive the following message from the Milk Hill inscription: "The knowledge that comes from afar has been placed in the body (in the DNA), guaranteed for always. Brought in (in the DNA) and found in the waters (bodily fluids). Guaranteed intellectual energy that has been brought in." If we take this to be his essential message then it seems fairly clear that he is saying that there is a divine intelligence in the DNA, and that this divine intelligence is the creator of life. This is a perfectly reasonable message and Boerman really had no need for all the mental gymnastics in numerology to persuade us that aliens visited Earth almost 300,000 years ago and did some fancy manipulation of our genes in order to create us, the new breed of people. With a divine intelligence in the genes it is clear that a new breed of people can be created according to the divine plan without the intervention of alien visitors from another planet.

Still not content with this interpretation however, Boerman goes on to describe how he deciphered the Double Helix formation to find a 'double bottom' or 'hidden message.' He did this by taking the combination of circles in the Double Helix formation and applying traditional Hebrew numerology. In Hebrew every letter has a numerical value so he attempted to read a message in the Double Helix formation by converting it into Hebrew letters. By this means he came up with the following message: "In the past there has been (genetic manipulation) with the blood of a passed away or dead alien/foreigner/stranger… flowing/smooth, clear, separation, vital force (DNA) trace a circle/describe a circle, premature birth/fade away/disappear, invalid/expire, gold bear." As Boerman himself says, "at first glance it appears to be a strange jumble of words," and he then proceeds to interpret this hidden message to the effect that aliens visited Earth some time in the distant past and genetically manipulated our genes. Also according to him these aliens were after the gold here on Earth, although he admitted he had a bit of trouble understanding what the word 'bear' could mean in this context.

Before we go any further in the interpretation of this strange jumble of words, it is necessary for us to know about 'white powder gold', and it is also necessary for us to take on board the theory of Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf concerning the networked intelligence in the DNA.

According to Fosar & Bludorf in their book Vernetzte Intelligenz, (2) there is a networked intelligence in the DNA that underpins all life. They cite the findings of Russian molecular biologists, Dr Pjotr P. Garjajev and Dr Vladimir Poponin, about the DNA having a mysterious resonance. What's more this resonance continues to manifest even when the DNA has been physically removed. This phenomenon has been called the DNA Phantom Effect. It is achieved by beaming laser light through the DNA sample onto a screen behind. A certain wave pattern appears on the screen caused by the resonance in the DNA, and when the DNA sample is taken out of the experiment, the wave pattern remains on the screen as if the sample is still there.

In addition these Russian molecular biologists have found that it is possible to communicate with the DNA with voice modulated laser light. These researchers were Russian and spoke to the DNA using their own language, but any human language can achieve this effect provided the right frequency is found that can resonate with the DNA. They found that at a fundamental level the DNA follows the rules that contain the common features of all languages, so there is an essential relationship between the structure of the genetic code and all the languages of mankind. This is reminiscent of this protolanguage that Boerman used to interpret the Milk Hill inscription. Using voice modulated laser light it is possible to change the DNA, and as it is known that the DNA of the plant is modified when crop circles are created, it appears that the energy that creates crop circles is in the nature of this voice modulated laser light (often when crop circles are formed there are eyewitness accounts of anomalous luminous phenomena). With voice modulated laser light it is possible to transpose the genetic information from one genome to another without the need for transplanting and splicing chemical genes. The Russian researchers for instance have been able to convert a frog embryo into a salamander embryo simply by transferring the information in the genes rather than the actual genes themselves.

The Russian molecular biologists came to the conclusion that the DNA acts as a solitonic/holographic computer that actually processes and transmits information. In addition they found that the DNA acts as a superconductor at body temperature. It has been known since the groundbreaking work of Popp in the early Eighties (3) that the DNA emits natural light photons. Following on from this it has been argued by Finnish physicist Matti Pitkänen that the DNA is capable of orchestrating and controlling natural phenomena in the external world via the medium of dark matter. "Dark matter at magnetic flux quanta acts as a quantum controller of ordinary matter in living systems. The Bose-Einstein condensates of dark photons decaying via decoherence to ordinary photons mediate interactions between ordinary and dark matter."(4) Dark matter contains dark photons (the anti-particle of light photons) which makes it invisible, but it is present in water, crystals and glass for example. Being present in water means that dark matter is ubiquitous in the external world and in the bodies of all living creatures, including plant life. Through the medium of dark matter the DNA is capable of both transmitting information into the external world and processing input from the external world. This is what is meant by the Russian researchers that it acts as a solitonic/holographic computer as well as a superconductor.

In the theory of Matti Pitkänen there are flux tubes in the DNA that are cylindrical 3-dimensional surfaces with outer boundary, and that there are wormhole magnetic fields (charged wormholes) situated at the boundaries of the flux tubes. Bio-matter therefore has a seamless connection with the Earth's magnetic fields. Charged magnetic wormholes in the DNA set up the resonance, and this magnetic resonance is capable of creating plasmoids (rotating magnetic fields) that can influence conventional electromagnetic forces such as the natural magnetic resonance in the Earth and the brain waves of all sentient beings. In addition the DNA has a memory capacity. Twisted and untwisted magnetic flux tubes can create a binary format for the storage and processing of information. Fosar & Bludorf argue that this is what makes up the networked intelligence that underpins all life. There is hypercommunication of information within the magnetic wormholes throughout all DNA. Effectively the DNA of all sentient beings in the Universe is a unity that becomes the substratum for the consciousness of all observers in the external world.

The classic form of dark matter is a substance called 'white powder gold'. This is a substance that was known to ancient alchemists for its life-enhancing properties. It acts as a superconductor and it is frequency tuned to the resonance in the DNA. White powder gold is therefore the quintessential means whereby the energy in the DNA can be channeled into the external world to orchestrate all sorts of natural phenomena that involve electromagnetic forces or plasmoids. This white powder gold has been found deposited after ball lightning (5) and anomalous luminous phenomena such as balls of light.(6) The white powder gold has been found in the resin of the trees felled in the Tunguska Event in Russia in 1908, (6) and also it has been found in crop circles. (5) In an article in Nexus Magazine in 1996 (7), David Hudson describes how he accidentally found a way to make white powder gold, and he describes the extensive testing he carried out to ascertain its constituents. It is said to contain monatomic state elements of the platinum group, and it also contains a very pure form of silicon. The Arecibo message formation in 2001 near Chilbolton (Hampshire) makes specific reference to the silicon of white powder gold, and it is a direct affirmation from The Circlemaker concerning the networked intelligence in the DNA. The white powder gold is frequency tuned to the DNA which allows it to superconduct the energy from the DNA, and in addition when it is ingested into the body it has healing and life-enhancing capabilities by virtue of its ability to resonate with the DNA.

Hudson in his article about white powder gold describes the many effects that this substance can have on the body because it resonates with the DNA, it is a substance that is biologically very active. Boerman found some of this white powder gold and he describes in his book the effects it had on himself when he took it internally. He says: "The white, sticky substance that I found myself in the pictogram in Brummen in 1997 has been tested. It is a silicone-hydrogen compound that is so pure that it is actually too expensive to make. I also took a sample of this white stuff to be tested through means of Kinesiology (the study of the mechanics of human movement) to discover that the material allowed you to 'ground' better and that there was better contact with 'up above.' Your vibrations are literally increased. The average rate at which someone feels very fit is a value of approximately 3600. When the white substance was tested on myself I had a value of 6500 and believe me I felt as fit as a fiddle! That time I carried an aura protector with me and when I put that away and was re-tested my value shot up to 10,000. After a few months it was tested again and it had increased to 18,000! That meant that I felt 5 times more wonderful than the average person who is feeling great at 3600. I had the feeling that my value increased too quickly so I put the material away for awhile because I could not keep up to it." If Boerman had known about Hudson's article in Nexus Magazine he would no doubt have made the association that this white powder gold was channeling the life force energy from his DNA directly into his blood stream and quickening his pulse rate, respiration rate etc.

This white powder gold is the key to Boerman's own interpretation of the Double Helix crop circle using traditional Hebrew numerology. It will be recalled that he came up with the jumble of words: "In the past there has been (genetic manipulation) with the blood of a passed away or dead alien/foreigner/stranger… flowing/smooth, clear, separation, vital force (DNA) trace a circle/describe a circle, premature birth/fade away/disappear, invalid/expire, gold bear." Now that we know about the networked intelligence in the DNA, and we know that this intelligence can create crop circles by instigating magnetic plasmoids in the resonance of the Earth, and we also know that sometimes after a crop circle has been created some white powder gold can be left deposited in the formation as a calling card from The Circlemaker, we can now put Boerman's strange jumble of words into a coherent statement - "The human race (and all species) are created by a force In the DNA, a force that is not of this world but is divine. It is separated from this world and yet flows into this world as a vital life force in the DNA. It can affect the blood and the metabolism of all creatures. The force operates in each individual from the moment of conception prior to birth. This force is as yet unknown to the human race but this period of ignorance will soon expire. These crop circles bearing white powder gold are the sign that the period of ignorance is soon to come to an end, whereupon the nature and location of the force will be known to all persons."

This is the interpretation that Boerman was searching for, and he would no doubt have found it himself if he knew about the networked intelligence in the DNA and the white powder gold. So the question arises as to the legitimacy of engaging in protracted, and often tenuous, reasoning in order to derive some meaning from these crop circles. There are many people engaged in this game of looking for a message, and as a general rule their reasoning is rather spurious if not downright fanciful. The messages they come up with are contrived to confirm or substantiate their own particular beliefs on the matter. Some of the reasons that Boerman himself puts forward to justify his interpretation are astoundingly fatuous. And yet he comes up with an interpretation that is very close to being reasonable. He is almost there.

It is clear that there has been communication between Boerman and The Circlemaker. The message has been received, albeit imperfectly. Boerman read the message as stating that aliens visited this planet around 300,000 years ago, and by means of genetic manipulation created the human species. In other words he was reading the source of that message to be an intelligent being external to himself. If he places the sender of the message as external to himself then obviously it is not legitimate for him to engage in a whole lot of spurious reasoning in order to give some meaning to the message. But once it is realized that the force that is creating the crop circles is internal to us all, in our own DNA - a force that is actually capable of controlling our own mental processes - it doesn't really matter what reasons are given in order to read a message in a certain way. Effectively it doesn't matter if we say the message being sent is such-and-such because black is white, straight is crooked and right is wrong. It is the force in the DNA that has put the message directly into the mind of the person attempting to interpret the crop circle. Whatever the message may be there has been direct communication between The Circlemaker and the observer because the same force that has created the circle can determine how it is interpreted. The Circlemaker is the networked intelligence that is in the DNA of us all. Even if Boerman had come up with the interpretation that 'pigs fly and they live on the moon made of green cheese' then that would actually be the message that was sent by The Circlemaker.

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