ICCA - The International Crop Circle Archive
ANNUAL REPORT 2000 - by Andreas Müller 2001.

The latest ICCA recount in January 2001 showed a total number of 253 documented Crop Circles world-wide. Not counted were two strange events of ice-rings discovered in Canada - those added we would get a total number of 255. With 139 (54,94%) discovered formations England takes again the lead in front of 32 (12,64%) in the Czech Republic and 25 (9,88%) formations discovered in Germany. An unexpected and nearly unnoticed development took place in Denmark were after just two formations in 1995, and single formations in 1996, '97 and '98 suddenly six formations were discovered in the past season.

Unusually the season started already mid of January with a simple formation near Dartford in Essex. February followed also with a single event but this time unusually away from the phenomenon's central European epicentre at the Spanish village of Els Ommelons near Barcelona. March already got four hits with the most unusual one in marshland-grass near the far away village of Kapung Gobek in the Malaysian Province of Kelantan. Out of the total 6 April offered the first typical small and simple UK formations in oilseed rape. The two formations at Franingham in Essex and at Cherhill in Wiltshire provided triangles as the basic geometric and symbolic key. Later it showed that this was some kind of main theme for the UK formations in the following months. The usually fruitful May got 'just' 21 formations with the major events in Germany ( where a formation formed unseen close to professional nighwatchers in a field of oilseed rape at Altenhasungen in Hessen ), the kentish Wrotham that amazed with a beautiful and three-dimensional Celtic knot and a formation of circles arranged in an impressive 'S'. The last official UK formation was then discovered in September near Church Stratton in Shropshire, with three Canadian formations it summed up Septembers amount of 4 formations. In October just a single formation was found. The last formation of the year was also the only one in November, discovered on the sixth day, at Hoeven in the Netherlands province of Noord Brabant.

The official ICCA count per month looks as the following:

  • January: 1
  • February: 1
  • March: 4
  • April: 6
  • May: 21
  • June: 40
  • July 103
  • August: 70
  • September: 4
  • October 1
  • November: 1
  • December: 0
  • Unknown: 0.
The official ICCA count per country looks as the following:
  • Canada: 9
  • Czech Republic: 32
  • Denmark: 6
  • England: 139
  • Finland: 1
  • France: 1
  • Germany: 25
  • Italy: 2
  • Malaysia: 1
  • New Zealand: 1
  • Poland: 1
  • Russia: 1
  • Slovenia: 1
  • Spain: 3
  • The Netherlands: 15
  • USA: 14.
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