In July 1999 I was looking on the Internet as I saw the website of 'The code', of Carl Munck & Ancient Gematrian Numbers (see 'links'). This site goes about numbers that are used by a superior civilisation, probably the inhabitants from Atlantis. These Gematrian Numbers have one thing in common; They are all divisible by nine and add to nine or a multiple.

I thought by myself; ‘Numbers, that is interesting’, and I read the article. I was very surprised, because the Gematrian Numbers where exact the numbers I had been looking for months, during my investigation about decoding crop circles. During my investigation I discovered that there are several groups of identities that are responsible of ‘making’ crop circles. One of these groups are the Anunnaki (see article about Gods), because there is a similarity between the formations that are made by them.

According to my idea are these thousand of years old Gematrian Numbers coming from the Anunnaki, who where ‘gods’ in the eyes of primitive mankind. These ‘gods’ made a grid for the Earth, but they did not use Greenwich as the starting point for the Prime Meridian, but the Great Pyramid of Giza. The members of ‘The Code Gang’ are busy to calculate old and holy places like Stonehenge, with a Prime Meridian that starts at Giza and not at Greenwich. They discovered that old monuments and holy places like Stonehenge, are not lying at 51 degrees, 10 minutes latitude and 1 degree, 49 minutes longitude, but simply at 21600 North.

The ancient people like the Sumerians knew these Gematrian Numbers, not as Gematrian Numbers but as numbers for common measurement. The old Babylonian had a unit for measuring they called ’Maneh’. To them it was 21600 ‘Um’, but by modern reckoning it’s a equivalent of 7776 cubic inches. And 7776 is nine (7+7+7+6=9). There are a number of examples on the website of the ‘Code Gang’. Here an example of some Gematrian Numbers.

All these numbers are reduceble to nine. The ‘strange’ thing about these numbers in the first two rows, is that they all have a Common Tangent of 0,7265425280054, and the Common Tangent of the second row is 3,077683537175. Before every Tangent can be placed a + or a -. But who was thousands of years ago able to calculate that 3,077683537175x0,7265425280054=2,236067977? The number 2,236067977 is the square root of five, which is a Tangent itself, namely the Tangent of 186.234,09485. This number is the exact speed of light in air ! The speed of light in a vacuum is 186.282,5894 miles per second. The Tangent of 186.234,09485 is 2,236067197552. The difference of 2,236067197552 and 2,236067977 is just 0,0000007799473440429 mile. How could they know that?

Why do such Gematrian Numbers appear in crop circles? I found several of these numbers in different formations. For which purpose? But if you know what these numbers mean, and you can decode them according to a special ‘decoding system’ I made, you can read the hidden messages in the concerning cropcircleformation. At the moment I am writing the last part of my book about the decoding of crop circles, and the messages that are hidden in the word wide formations. One of those messages is that the complete decoding history of mankind is written in grain. A history that tells the change from Homo Erectus to Homo Sapiens. A history that modern science can not explain. The book is 'Crop circles, gods and their secrets' is available now.

As I said, the Gematrian Numbers are all divisible by nine and add to nine or a multiple. If you are busy daily with crop circles and numbers, then every article about numbers is interesting. I saw an article in a Dutch magazine. The writer of the article ‘Secret Numbers’, tells that the Moon turns around the Earth in 27,32 days. In the same time the Moon turns around her own axle, so that we always see the same side of the Moon. The absolute minimum of temperature is 273,2 degrees Celsius. Again the same number. The writer of ‘secret Numbers’ also has ‘discovered’ more ‘strange ‘ things.

The old Sumerians knew the precession and the inclination of the Earth. Nevermind how they got to know this, they ‘just knew’. They also knew that the Earth is not standing up right, but stands a bit on one side. This obliqueness has en angle of 23,5 degrees. The imaginary circle (see picture; circle of precession) that the Earth’s axle describe in space amounts 25.920 years.

The writer from the article also tells that our body accommodate the same number. Our heart also stands a bit on one side. The average angle of standing to one side is the same as the Earth’s axle, namely... 23,5 degrees. Is that a coincidence? I don’t think so. The average heartbeat of a person is 72. The number 72 is a Gematrian Number. The Tangent of 72 is 3,077683537175 (72=7+2=9). The average breath of a person is 18 breaths a minute (18=1+8=9). If you multiply 18 by 60 minutes and 24 hour, the result is ... 25.920 breaths per 24 hour ! Wasn’t 25.920 the same number of the Earth’s precession? Another coincidence? And again, I don’t think so.

An other interesting fact, according to what I know, is that a television screen is build up by lines and point. The number of lines is 576 and each line has 720 points. 576x720=414.720, and again they are all Gematrian Numbers. Is this again a big coincidence, or is this the result of a cosmic law? I don’t know, but it seems that what is in heaven, is also on Earth.

But as ever, time will tell.

© Robert Boerman 1999.