One of my crop circle deciphering methods is able to yield the name of the Anunnaki identified in crop formations in a consistent way. I call this the 'mandala formation deciphering method'. As I explain on my website (see 'links'), in one of the book title's descriptions, if you count the number of design elements of a crop formation that is in the shape of a mandala, usually you will find the total number matches the succession-rank order number of the ruling council of Anunnaki that Zecharia Sitchin lists in his books.

Since Sitchin has shown that all writing and symbol systems in the world were derived from the original Sumerian system, it would be legitimate to interpret such mandala designs in the Sanskrit fashion, that is, by also interpreting the central figure of the mandala as designating the 'abode of the deity identified in the mandala'. I have found two places designated by this central design element. One is Nibiru (consistent use of the Sumerian symbol) and the other is Mars (consistent use of the Sumerian symbol, as presented in Sitchin's books).

There is no way for us at this time to know if those which designate specific Anunnaki by name are made 'by' them directly or 'for' them by their 'agents'.

For example -- since UFO craft are associated with the appearance of crop circles (through eye-witnesses, photos, and video tape evidence) it is logical to assume that the occupants of these craft, usually called 'the greys', would be the ones conducting this crop circles Project (using smaller, remotely-controlled craft, or not), perhaps using programmed instrumentation to project the energy used to bend the crop plant stalks, and to do the other plant manipulations such as swirling, layering, weaving, and creating small tufts.

Given the lofty positions and status of the Anunnaki rulers (the ones I have identified by name using my original deciphering methods), I think it would be doubtful that they would be engaged directly in the construction of these communication artefacts we call crop circles.

But Sitchin does point out that many Anunnaki were on Earth, not all of them of high rank, so it is possible that some lower-rank Anunnaki are directly involved in the making of these crop messages and notification system from beyond Earth.

So far, my methods have been able (using consistently the cultural-historical knowledge base of the ancient Sumerians as the 'Rosetta stone,' as it were) to identify and match the origin of the circle-makers (the planet Nibiru; Olam in the Bible), their identity by their specific names (those on the Ruling Council of 12 Anunnaki), and the two weapons they have so-far portrayed ('Marduk's Lightning Weapon,' and the 'Bull of Heaven').

Steve Canada 2000.

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