UFO above Dutch crop circle

The latest cropcircle from Holland, appeared in the night of thursday/friday 23/24 July, was visited on saterday the 25th and gave very interesting results. After the ‘official’ research, we went back in the evening to the same cropfield in the South-West of Holland. With the presents of 3 people of the DCCA-research team (Sjaak Damen, Richard van Rijswijk and myself, Peter Vanlaerhoven), together with Pascal (friend of Richard), Robbert van den Broeke and Nancy Talbott (BLT Research Team Inc.) we had a strange experience.

We all felt the energitic vibrations quite well and gave us a good feeling which was rare for that moment but it seems something can become even much more rarely. On this specific evening we saw two UFO-pictures on 2 different camera’s which are attached. These pictures were made by Robbert with us nearby, so we are sure these pictures are not manupilated. For myself, i saw the same UFO with my naked eye, just behind Robbert. He felt the presence of this object also. Robbert had earlier this day the feeling to make some pictures with camera’s of other people, we do know why for now. Appearently it’s time to make another step for unidentified ‘things’ to show theirselves more concrete to us.

Earlier this month there were more UFO-pictures taken by Robbert with the camera of Roy Boschman, his friend. Also this time in a cropfield where 3 different kind of cropcircles did appear. Als these pictures are attached. So, we have now 5 UFO-pictures, taken from 3 different kinds of camera’s. We, the DCCA, can confirm that these are all real. Of course it’s not sure that these UFO’s were the makers of the cropcircles over here, we will let decide your imagination. Nevertheless this happening will give us surely more food for thoughts.

By the way, it is not allowed to enter one of these fields!

Peter Vanlaerhoven