Dutch Center for Crop Circle Studies

English Crop Circles

German Crop Circles

Canadian Crop Circles

Norwegian Crop Circles

Danish crop circles

Swiss Crop Circles

Belgium crop circles

Finland's Center of Circle Information

BLT Research Team

Bert Janssen - crop circles and geometry - Janet Ossebaard

Dirk Wessels - crop circle anomalites

Frank Laumen - crop circle photographer

Andreas Muller - International Crop Circle Archive

Paul Vigay - Crop Circle

Freddy Silva - Crop Circle Secrets

Lucy Pringle's Homepage

Temporary Temples - Steve & Karen Alexander

Italian crop circles - Roberto Malini

The Crop Circle Web Site

Crop Circle Radius

Crop Circle Quest

Crop Circles - Andrea Feliziani

Crop Circles Deciphered - Neil Olsen

Crop Circles Decoded - Tom Sutter

Crop Circle Board Games - Mystic Merlin

Crop Circle News

Ken Bakeman - Crop Circle Tarot Images


Code of the ancients - 'The Code' of Carl Munck & Ancient Gematrian Numbers

Gematrian Numbers, the Crop circle Connection

Crop circles and Gematrian Numbers, the Tree of Life formation

Crop circles and Gematrian Numbers, The Menorah formation

Crop circle formations as Chakras


Frontier Sciences Foundation

Beyondur productions

Jason Martell - X-facts

Ufo Italia

Linda Moulton Howe's Earthfiles

Andy Thomas' Swirled News

2012: Dire Gnosis

Zecharia Sitchin's website

Atlantis Rising

The University of Life Web Site

Allan Alford, Gods of the New Millennium

The noise room


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