Over the course of six thousand years our ancestors built impressive temples to last into our time.
Sacred spaces that connect with subtle levels of consciousness.

Theirs was a spiritual technology for speaking with the gods.

And they left us the instructions.

Stairways To Heaven
The Practical Magic Of Sacred Space

A breathtaking documentary exploring those unique places on Earth where the veil between worlds is thinnest.


Written, directed and produced by Freddy Silva, best-selling author of Secrets In The Fields.

200-ton rocks are hauled across vast distances to build colossal monuments.

Gothic cathedrals are secretly encoded with information by Knights Templars.

Stone circles that emit magnetic fields and ultrasonics.

Mysterious crop circles that microscopically alter plants, water and soil.

What secret technology lies behind these sacred spaces?

And for what purpose?

This exhilarating documentary leads you through the spiritual technology of the ancients, and how its application in sacred spaces, temples, and Gothic cathedrals has influenced humanity’s states of awareness for millennia.

With breathtaking sites filmed across the British Isles, you will be led on a 8000-year journey into a practical magic whose principles are alive – a legacy for our times, when all systems of understanding, structure and environment lie in a state of transformation and upheaval. You will also discover how, with the appearance of crop circles, this ancient information is once again coming to light – information that is imprinting all living things on Earth. Including the human body.

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