09-04-2014 An Experimental Study for Reproduction of
Biological Anomalies Reported in the 1999 Hoeven Crop Circle

Eltjo H. Haselhoff, Robert J. Boerman, Jan-Willem Bobbink

This article revisits a crop circle that appeared in The Netherlands in 1999. It presents new experimental results in an attempt to find trivial explanations for anomalous biophysical findings reported in relation to this formation. It is concluded that the anomalies cannot be explained as the result of wind, sunlight or the simple fact that the crop was flattened with mechanical tools.

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The Joke of the Crop Circle - are crop circle man-made...?
Robert Boerman

This question is the basis of the second crop circle book by Robert Boerman. In 'The Joke of the Crop Circle' the author assumes that all crop circles are made by people. Crop circles are man-made and step-by-step it is explained how can make a crop circle him/herself.

Along the way it becomes clear in the book that some matters can simply not be explained, because what to think of all those biophysical deviations that have been found in crop circles? Deviations that have also been found in wind damage and in a wheat field without circle. And why are crop circles made on leylines and what role do light spheres play? Or do we have to speak off dust particles? Can the growth of wheat be manipulated or does that have something to do with the frequencies that have been measured in crop circles. Does professor Meaden's plasma vortex theory play a role and what does the creation of crop circles have to do with an American invention? Is there a link between both subjects and Haselhoff's light sphere theory?

In 'The Joke of the Crop Circle' several matters are discussed that don't seem to have anything to do with each other at first glance, though by combining them the author has achieved to give a whole new look of the crop circle phenomenon. Are crop circles really works of man like the subtitle of the book suggests or are they created in a different way?

Based on a fourteen year study this book attempts to answer the many questions that have arisen throughout the years. The most important question most probably is: 'Who are the crop circle makers?' The answer can be found in 'The Joke of the Crop Circle'...

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05-04-2014 Is Sound Creating...?

It was in 2005 that I started a new research project about 'Cymatics' or 'Water Sound Images' if you want. One of the reasons for this research project was an article which was written by the English crop circle researcher Freddy Silva: 'Is sound creating crop circles...?' Crop circles have caught my interest in 1997 when I discovered a crop circle close to my house during a short flight above our town. Since then I have studied this mysterious phenomenon for many years and have written two books about crop circles.

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31-07-2012 Noordhoek, Noord-Brabant, 26-07-2012

22-07-2012 Several new NL formations in Seppe

13-07-2012 New crop circle:
Zevenbergschen Hoek, Noord-Brabant, 11-07-2012

10-07-2012 Several new NL formations in Hoeven

19-05-2012 New formation:
Hoeven (3), Noord-Brabant, 18-05-2012

16-05-2012 New formation: Hoeven, Noord-Brabant, 16-05-2012

14-05-2012 Report added - Bosschenhoofd (2), Noord-Brabant, 10-05-2012

14-05-2012 Report added - Hoeven, Noord-Brabant, 06-05-2012

14-05-2012 Report added - First Dutch formation in grass

10-04-2012 Russian Scientists Crack Crop Circle Code

19-02-2012 Article: Snow and ice circles Arnhem/Schijndel 2012

19-02-2012 Youtube Video:
Government Circles - Colin Andrews

16-02-2012 Snow Circle in Schijndel, Noord-Brabant - 05-02-2012

11-02-2012 Mysterious Snow Circles in Arnhem

10-01-2011 Water Sound Images birthday calendar

08-12-2010 Crop Circle Calendar 2011

25-07-2010 Hoax cropcircle:
Oost-Souburg (1), Zeeland, 23-07-2010

24-07-2010 Fourth cropcircle in Holland:
Zevenbergen (4), Noord Brabant, 23-07-2010

22-07-2010 Third cropcircle in Holland:
Zevenbergen (3), Noord Brabant, 21-07-2010

19-07-2010 Ufo photographed in cropcircle Standdaarbuiten (2):
Ufo in Standdaarbuiten (2), Noord Brabant, 18-07-2010

09-07-2010 Second Dutch crop circle in Holland:
Standdaarbuiten (2), Noord Brabant, 09-07-2010

26-06-2010 First crop circle of 2010 in NL:
Etten-Leur (1), Noord Brabant, 26-06-2010

01-04-2010 Nexus Conference 2010 Amsterdam

03-01-10 New Dutch Snow Circle 2009: Hoeven (6), Noord Brabant, 22-12-2009

03-01-10 Dutch Snow Circle 2009: Hoeven (5), Noord Brabant, 19-12-2009


What on Earth? Inside the Crop Circle Mystery is a feature documentary, shot in England, that features the lively community of visionary artists, scientists, philosophers, geometers, educators and farmers who have been profoundly touched by the crop circle phenomenon. Filled with stunning imagery of the circles, it deals with how our scientific materialistic worldview hampers serious investigations of one of the greatest mysteries of our time. And how ascertaining that the circles come from another intelligence would help us think as a planet, which would give us our best chance to solve the pressing lglobal problems that challenge us now.

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28-10-2009 Crop Circle Calendar 2010

07-10-2009 New Dutch Crop Circle: Hoeven (4), Noord Brabant, 05-10-2009

03-10-2009 New Dutch Crop Circle: Hoeven (3), Noord Brabant, 27-09-2009

16-09-2009 Update: 3 new Dutch crop circles
Standaarbuiten (5), Noord-Brabant, 31-07-2009
Hoeven, Noord Brabant, 02-08-2009
Hoeven (2), Noord Brabant, 08-09-2009

03-08-2009 Crop circle researchers 'observed' (by UFO's?) during research...

03-08-2009 Pictures added: Zevenbergen, Noord Brabant, 25-07-2009

27-07-2009 Report added: UFO above Dutch crop circle


24-07-2009 New Dutch crop circle: Standaarbuiten (4), Noord-Brabant, 20-07-2009

24-07-2009 New Dutch crop circle: Ridderkerk, Zuid Holland, 24-07-2009

20-07-2009 New Dutch crop circle: Standaarbuiten (3), 13-07-2009

09-07-2009 New Dutch crop circle: Standaarbuiten (2), 07-07-2009

02-07-2009 First Dutch crop circle 2009: Standaarbuiten, 01-07-2009

12-01-2009 Crop Circles and Government with Colin Andrews

11-11-2008 The new crop circle calendar is out now!

02-07-2008 New Dutch crop circle:
Standaardbuiten, Noord Brabant, 29-06-2008

26-06-2008 There is a time to come…

26-06-2008 New Dutch crop circle: Berg en Dal, Gelderland, 24-06-2008 (hoax)

26-06-2008 New Dutch crop circle: Almere, Flevoland, 15-06-2008 (comercial?)


20-05-2008 Update: Schiphol, Noord Holland, 16-05-2008


01-11-2007 Crop Circle Calendar2008

12-10-2007 Crop Circle Year Book 2007

13-08-2007 Robbert van den Broeke (link)

28-07-2007 New crop circle: Standaardbuiten (2), Noord Brabant, 25-07-2007

24-07-2007 New crop circle: Standaardbuiten (1), Noord Brabant, 22-07-2007

21-07-2007 Report added: Zevenbergen, Noord Brabant, 19-07-2007

18-07-2007 New crop circle: Hoeven (2), Noord Brabant, 17-07-2007

15-07-2007 Report added: Bosschenhoofd (5), Noord Brabant, 26-06-2007

03-07-2007 Report added: Bosschenhoofd (4), Noord Brabant, 29-06-2007

03-07-2007 Report added: Bosschenhoofd (3), Noord Brabant, 28-06-2007

03-07-2007 Report added: Bosschenhoofd (2), Noord Brabant, 22-06-2007

03-07-2007 Report added / extra circle added: Bosschenhoofd (1), Noord Brabant, 22-06-2007

03-07-2007 Report added: Andel, Noord Brabant, 21-06-2007

29-06-2007 DCCA Mailinglist

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09-06-2007 Do you want to know how crop circle researchers doing their job? Then this video is something for you.

15-03-2007 First European crop circle: Hoeven, Noord Brabant, 14-03-2007